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Beware Nerfiel 

You will only find madness here

You really have to want it

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вторник, 1 мая 2018 г.
Benzos Nerfiel 09:38:51
I've made a deal with the devil. I have yet to pay an ultimate price for it.
суббота, 14 апреля 2018 г.
Nerfiel 08:39:52
Запись только для меня.
четверг, 23 февраля 2017 г.
2017 - Metamorphosis Nerfiel 20:09:34
The following is the plan for myself for this year.
It is the year or the rooster after all.
And it so happens that I am one.

This year will be the one where I will perform a metamorphosis for myself, through pain and effort I will become something greater.

1. Earn enough money to pay for all debts. .....Debt as per real time is - 2030 Euros.
2. Get driver's licence.

So far my achievement for this year are:

1. Quit smoking.
2. Finish university.
3. Get a stable job with stable income.
4. Get my own flat.
5. Lose some weight.
воскресенье, 12 февраля 2017 г.
Some philosophical thought Nerfiel 14:39:18
People rarely or even never show themselves in their true colors.

There was this ancient Asian saying (I don't remember if it was Chinese or Japanese exactly).

And the saying basically consisted of the following:

"There are 2 masks that we're constantly holding. The one that we should the the world, and the one that we show to our family and friends.
And only when we are left alone, in our dark abyss is when our true self is revealed."

It's only my ex that I didn't have to wear any mask. I didn't have to play any games with her as she knew exactly what I am.

I think this is the reason why people tend to be playing online games way more often. It's not just the concept of the gameplay that interests them.

It's more that they're talking to people they've never met before and will probably never meet. SO that's why they can show their true selves to them without having to worry to be judged.
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понедельник, 5 сентября 2016 г.
World on fire Nerfiel 11:12:29
One day, the world will burn in the flames of my agony.
And from the ashes, will arise a new order, that will be the very foundation of the world.

четверг, 2 апреля 2015 г.
New age Nerfiel 21:56:02
It would seem that everything I felt and experienced before has been healed with a simple medicine - time.
I remember when I was writing all of this I believed that it will never go away, but apparently, it did.

I'm glad to be happy with my life even without my true love, I could say I'm even proud of it by now.
Right now I am a totally different man. Same view on the world, but different attitude.
воскресенье, 31 августа 2014 г.
Revelation Nerfiel 21:17:09
Night is falling and you just cant see,
Is this is illusion or reality?
пятница, 1 ноября 2013 г.
That's the way to go Nerfiel 14:25:21
Who will heal my wound?
Only I can heal it.
No cure, no bandages.
Only a pair of russian words.
четверг, 29 августа 2013 г.
Loneliness Nerfiel 16:22:06
Loneliness is when you are at the peak of desperation and have noone to speak about it.
пятница, 26 июля 2013 г.
Eternity Nerfiel 05:10:03
Познай же ужас вечности в небытие.
Embrace the horrors of eternity in the abyss.
среда, 17 июля 2013 г.
Pride. Nerfiel 16:31:27
Pride and common sense against the inner feeling.
The choice is tough.
I really
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понедельник, 1 июля 2013 г.
Best Nerfiel 20:24:21
Он я знаю не спит...слишком сильная боль...всё горит,всё кипит...пылает огнём.

There is no way to extinguish the fire, only wait until it will perish.
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понедельник, 20 мая 2013 г.
Doom Nerfiel 17:01:07
I am doomed to be alone. Let it be so, I embrace and accept it.
комментировать 4 комментария | Прoкoммeнтировaть
понедельник, 25 марта 2013 г.
Noone possibly knows how bad I actu... Nerfiel 02:32:04
Noone possibly knows how bad I actually feel all the time.
Is it bad or good?
вторник, 26 июня 2012 г.
Nerfiel 12:35:07
Запись только для зарегистрированных пользователей.
понедельник, 5 декабря 2011 г.
Nerfiel 19:08:21
Запись только для меня.
четверг, 1 декабря 2011 г.
Nerfiel 21:26:30
Запись только для меня.
Only worse Nerfiel 18:27:25
What's the point to be nice to other people?
What's the point of being a nice guy?
People are disgrateful.
Be nice to them yes, and they will only give you crap back.
And the you suffer like a fool.
вторник, 22 ноября 2011 г.
Still the same Nerfiel 22:14:43
Everyday I wake up in the morning and hope that I will completely cleansed at the next morning...
среда, 16 ноября 2011 г.
Freedom Nerfiel 08:53:54
Finally... I am free of this curse...
Obviously some scars are left and will never recover.
But finally I am not in this anguish anymore.
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суббота, 12 ноября 2011 г.
Hate Nerfiel 21:26:47
Horror and anger in my soul.
Agony and suffer I feel.
Terrorizing myself from inside.
Eternity I will spend in pain.
Nerfiel 10:43:38
Запись только для зарегистрированных пользователей.
воскресенье, 30 октября 2011 г.
I do Nerfiel 23:46:37
I'll just to accept things as they are, I was trying to do that all the time but I had a foolish hope of a weak man.
You should understand that she will never be yours...
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пятница, 28 октября 2011 г.
Suffering Nerfiel 14:21:19 painful...
I can barely take it much longer.
комментировать 4 комментария | Прoкoммeнтировaть
среда, 26 октября 2011 г.
Nerfiel 21:18:21
Запись только для меня.

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